Autumn's Calling August 18, 2019 14:05

Well our pumpkins turned orange. It's a sure sign that Fall is just around the corner. I am looking forward to the changing of the seasons especially since Autumn is my favorite one. 
I'm working on a lot of new designs full of Fall colors. I can't wait to start listing them in the shop. You'll be able to find them here, in my latest collection: 
Autumn's Calling. Are you ready? I am!

Make A Wish August 11, 2019 15:07

A wishing stone is a stone that has a white line going completely around it. Legend has it that if you make a wish for yourself with the rock, it is said to come true, but if you make a with for someone else with it, their wish and all of yours are said to come true. 
Several years ago a friend sent me a wishing stone. I fell in love with it. I now offer them in my shop. You can find them in my 'Beach Stone and River Rock Jewelry' collection: 
I'm always looking for more so check back often to see what's new to wish upon. 

Hello August August 3, 2019 00:00


I can't believe that it's August already! Slow down summer. Slow down 2019. Our gardens are thriving with the mix of sun and rain that we've gotten. I've been spending most of my time picking and preserving our vegetables. 

The tomatillos are beginning to come in. We love salsa verde and freeze as many tomatillos as we can harvest so that we can make salsa throughout the year. I love their vibrant color. They are the color of August's birthstone. Peridot is bright and fresh and juicy. Lucky are those that call that stone their birthstone. This arrow necklace is wire-wrapped with peridot colored wire and the chain is adorned with a trio of faceted peridot beads. It can be found in my 'arrow and bullet jewelry' collection in the shop. 

Summer Job July 27, 2019 13:06

Gardening and preserving food. I call it my summer job, but it is really a three season affair. I start the seeds in Spring and begin to plant and tend the gardens. This continues through Autumn until the first killing freeze, sometimes around October. 
We are in peak tomato season right now. I'm harvesting probably three bushels a week. I freeze and can them, make tomato puree and paste with the Italian plum tomatoes and dry Roma tomatoes to pack in olive oil. We eat fresh tomatoes every day during this time. And when the ripe ones are gone, we eat them green. There is nothing better than fried green tomatoes!
Back to the tomatoes. They are probably cool enough to pack in freezer containers.

But It's Only Mid Summer July 20, 2019 00:00

My Pinterest feed is suddenly filled with Autumn. Folks are looking at Fall jewelry in the shop. My pumpkins tell me that it is way too early to think of such things.

Cairns: My Connection to Earth and Sea July 13, 2019 14:27


Take me to the beach or river and I'll always come home with a stone or ten. I have a collection of large fossil formations that I found in the woods and creeks here in Tennessee. I've carried them with me every time I moved. 

I have a box of small stones that I use to make Cairn jewelry. Some I found. Some I've purchased. Some go into my 'private stash bowl' and stay there until I make something for myself. I love making Cairn necklaces and earrings. I love sending them out into the world. I have a collection in the shop where you can see what I have to offer. You can see them here:

Independence Day Celebration July 4, 2019 00:00

To celebrate the launch of my new website I am having an Independence Day Celebration. 20% off today, July 4th. The discount will show in the shopping cart. I am so happy to have my new site and look forward to making it your go to place when you want to purchase Wear Your Wild jewelry.

Have a fun, safe 4th of July!

Meet The Team June 29, 2019 13:03


I thought that I'd introduce my sidekicks on this fine Caturday afternoon. Magnolia (aka Bigs) is facing the camera and Mae (Lil Mae) is the one on top. We adopted both cats from shelters. Magnolia was 1 1/2 years old and Mae was just a kitten. We've had them about 2 1/2 years. It's been a while since we had young cats. To say they are a handful (and entertaining) is an understatement. 

Please note that these cats are allowed in the studio, however they are not allowed up on my desk or workbench. I'm telling you this because I know that some folks are allergic to cats and want to know if they are purchasing from a pet free home. Now you know.

Enjoy the last weekend of June,

Katie, Magnolia and Mae

On and Off the Bench June 24, 2019 15:19

We are continuing to get rounds of rain daily here in Tennessee. It's a good thing. The gardens love it and so do I. I have plenty of time to work on new designs and photograph them. Here's a sampling of new pieces that are either in the shop now or will be soon. If you see something that isn't listed yet, shoot me a message and I'll be happy to list it for you. 
If you're a gardener and love to garden hop, come on over to my Instagram account or my Pinterest account and see how my gardens grow. Links to both are on my homepage. 

Summer Solstice 2019 June 21, 2019 08:10


I woke up this morning to a volunteer sunflower in full bloom. What a perfect way to begin summer! Here's to a summer filled with gardening, swimming, fireflies, picnics, hiking, camping, traveling and whatever else you enjoy doing on these long, hot days. 

Happy Summer!

A Change Is In The Wind June 16, 2019 12:00


Now that the gardens are planted it's time to settle into the rhythm of summer. The hot afternoons bring me indoors. My studio is a quiet spot filled with light. Music dances through the air. There are piles of beach stones and river rocks waiting to be drilled and antler tips that need drilling and sanding. 

It's also time to spread my wings and work on my website. I still have an Etsy shop and an Amazon Handmade shop, but here is where I will put most of my energy. 
A change is in the wind. I hope you'll float on by from time to time.