Hello August August 3, 2019 00:00


I can't believe that it's August already! Slow down summer. Slow down 2019. Our gardens are thriving with the mix of sun and rain that we've gotten. I've been spending most of my time picking and preserving our vegetables. 

The tomatillos are beginning to come in. We love salsa verde and freeze as many tomatillos as we can harvest so that we can make salsa throughout the year. I love their vibrant color. They are the color of August's birthstone. Peridot is bright and fresh and juicy. Lucky are those that call that stone their birthstone. This arrow necklace is wire-wrapped with peridot colored wire and the chain is adorned with a trio of faceted peridot beads. It can be found in my 'arrow and bullet jewelry' collection in the shop.