An Invitation To Visit My Etsy Shop November 13, 2019 07:52

I've been an Etsy seller since 2006. This past summer, I opened my Shopify store. I love the freedom of having my own site, but I still enjoy running my Etsy shop. 
I know that some folks are more comfortable shopping on certain websites. With that in mind I decided to put a link to my Etsy shop in my footer on the home page. Click on that link and you'll end up in my Etsy store.
I don't always list my jewelry in both shops. The earrings in these collages are listed exclusively on Etsy. You can find them in the 'Winter & Holiday' section of my shop. 
As we swiftly slide into the holiday season I'd like to take a moment to thank y'all for supporting my work whether it's here or on Etsy.